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Egypt: Enter the Muslim Brotherhood; The day the music died – again

June 5th, 2011 Modified: June 19, 2011 at 1:03 pm

Those cheering, happy flag-waving protesters will regret the day they, along with others forced Mubarak from office – the day the music died for them.

This is all a plan by not just the radical Muslims and Obama, but others like ultra-left evil tyrant George Soros and members of his International Crisis Group who make millions on international crises.

You see this has happened before, 31 years ago.

Like then, the masses protested against and with help from another weak, far left U.S. President, Jimmy Carter, ultimately forced from office a ruthless dictator. As in Iran then, a power vacuum was created and then the ultra-extreme religious fanatics took power. Not all at once, but by degree and by stealth.

In Iran, they first put a moderate secular figurehead in place so they would look innocent enough for a while. After consolidating their power, the moderate was out, the Mullahs were in, the protesters who started the whole thing were out. The Koran and Sharia Law became law of the land, not democracy. Shortly thereafter the stonings, beatings, hangings and beheadings began. Many times worse than under the Sha.

George Soros Robber Barron

George Soros, Open Society Foundations, seeks to make money on currency issues

Then the bomb making began, followed by the quest for nuclear weapons shortly followed by the making and export of the components for the road-side bombs that have killed and wounded so many of our troops.

Learn how George Soros profits on currency issues.

See Islam in action, learn about stoning and watch a video of someone stoned to death.

Learn more about Soro’s International Crisis Group

Read how Soros’ fingerprints are all over the Mideast chaos




Watch a video about woman’s rights, and the legal system under Shria Law in Iran


Fast Tube by Casper

Strange how Obama refused to help when the true democracy seeking citizens rose up in protest against the radical Mullahs in Tehran. Not a peep from Obama. Why such intense support for the uprising in Egypt that will surely usher in the a new client state of Iran like Syria or Lebanon and none for the victims of the Mullahs in Iran in 2008?

Why the hypocrisy?

From the film “The Stoning of Soraya M.”

Who is the only group able and currently poised to take over in Egypt? The worst of the worst, the group dedicated to world Islamic dominance, control and Sharia Law through forced Jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood. Some claim the Muslim Brotherhood is a secular, political organization seeking change, something akin to labor groups like the SEIU in the U.S. But that’s a total lie.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied under oath to congress and contradicted his own agency’s website when he stated the Muslim Brotherhood is: “largely secular” and has “eschewed violence” doesn’t need to be speculated upon…” Like hell it does!

Read more:

Read more about Clapper’s ignorance and betrayal and the Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood certainly helped organize the protests in Egypt and along with Soros and others, stand to capitalize on the chaos and attempt to grab full power. They are not pro-democracy, they are pro hate and murder.

With one recent exception (above), the liberals and the left never saw a protest in a foreign land they didn’t love. They all assume every protester is peace-loving and oppressed and that every dictator is horrific and everything will be swell once little bit of democracy takes hold.

Well the protests in Egypt are not the same as the ant-war protests of the 60’s in San Francisco. And democracy is difficult force upon a country, especially if many of the folks don’t want it, don’t understand it and are strongly polarized into fanatical groups that have been taught to hate for decades.

The M1A1 Tank Factory outside Cairo in Helwan is one of the largest military manufacturing facilities in this part of the world.

It’s a sad reality that many Egyptians along with their Iranian backed brothers and sisters in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere, hate the Jews, Israel and the United States much more than they despise Mubarak. Don’t you think they want to get their hands on all that military hardware we have given to Mubarak? You can rest assured, it’s not for a springtime parade in Cairo.

Remember it was the Muslim Brotherhood who assassinated Egyptian president Anwar Sedat for signing a peace treaty with Israel. It was the Muslim Brotherhood that spawned Osama Bin-laden and all major terrorists and terror groups around the world today.

Learn more about the Muslim Brotherhood.



Watch a detailed video about the history and goals of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Long movie, allow time for it to load after you hit play.


Perhaps our only hope is Egypt’s strong military who are ostensibly currently in charge. Isn’t it strange how all the top Egyptian military leaders, officers and generals just happened to be meeting in Washington D.C. the day the protests in Cairo began?

Read more about the Rebellion in Egypt and editorial from PatritotLedger.com

Read an article from a reporter on the scene that covered the protest for the Jerusalem Post.

Listen to the song and read the full lyrics


Fast Tube by Casper


If you are wondering about the reference to “The Day the Music Died” it’s because Feb 3 was the 52 anniversary of the 1959 plane crash that killed three of the most promising rock ‘n roll stars of the period.

If you are wondering what the words to the song may have meant here is an annotated version.

About the plane crash.

More videos and related music about the the day the music died.

There is an earlier post related to this: Egypt: the new Iran

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